Media Organizer

Media Organizer is the best way to manage your photos, pictures and videos directly from your gallery application.

Media Organizer allows you to organize your photos and videos into folders which will then show up as albums in your media gallery. It supports your external storage (SD card) to create albums on it. 

MediaOrganizer is not a standalone application but integrates with your gallery app (e.g. Gallery, Gallery3D or HTC Sense Album) and is started out of the gallery by sending pictures or videos via “Share” or “Send To”.
Copy or move your photos and videos into folders directly from your Gallery via “Share” or “Send To”
Simple Selection
Select multiple files in your gallery and move or copy them at once
Create Folders
Create new folders on your external storage
Edit Folders
Delete and rename your folders on the external storage
Favourite Folders
Maintain a list of favourite folders for quick access
Hide Photos
Hide or unhide your pics and vids (not all Galleries support this feature)

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